Clone Consulting In Bakersfield

We have the best selection of clones and teens in Bakersfield. If you wish to learn more, contact us for consultation.

Best Clones in Bakersfield

Why Clones Bros?

Our Nursery was established in 2005 and is known as one of the best growers of marijuana clones in Bakersfield. Superior and verified genetics are what make us the best nursery around, our clones are never second best. Our plants are not for sale until after they have flowered, for quality assurance that the best characteristics are identified and the desired phenotypes are retained. To ensure that our clones are always of the highest quality, all cuts are cared for in our nursery until after they have flowered and are carefully inspected by our growers for the desired characteristics.

The cloning method allows us to reproduce top quality clones in Bakersfield, in the fastest time possible. Clones are cut from a desirable parent and allowed 2 weeks to grow roots before they’re ready to be boxed. Every cut is a genetic match to its parent plant and will produce in a predictable manner. Unlike starting with seeds which will result in variations in each plant.


Why Clones?

Clones are a predictable and dependable way to ensure you get the most desirable traits like the smell, color, and potency.

Top Quality

Quality is our highest priority. All of our clones in Bakersfield are feminized and posses pure genetics in sativa, indica, and hybrid strains.

Cannabis Seeds

Although we feel clones are the better option, we also have seeds. Consult us if you’re interested in growing your own marijuana from scratch.


  • Exclusively female
  • Always given 2 weeks to root
  • Every clone must pass a ‘tug test’.
  • We service almost everywhere in California
  • All clones are 4-6” tall in coco soil
  • Guaranteed to be mite and mildew free
  • Friendly staff ready to answer your questions and resolve any concerns you have


Why Consult Us?

Our success stems from our values. We work to grow the most potent clones in Bakersfield, for a wide variety of clients. From traditional growers, recreational users, and medical patients, we are your best source of information for clones. We’re always updating our nursery with the latest and greatest while maintaining dedicated space for the classics.

It’s no surprise we’ve been the best consulting source for clones in Bakersfield for more than a ten years. Simply because of our commitment to quality and amazing selection, our customers are always happy.