Clones Bros Nursery – Consultations – Grow Your Own Packages

You’ve done your research and you’re ready to grow – almost. Clones Bros Nursery has three levels of consultations to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re looking to grow in the back yard or need an indoor set up, we’ll discuss these options with you.
Clones Bros Nursery will provide crafted desgins for you within 72 hours. We provide assistance with hydroponic set ups, out door, and vertical growing. We will provide you with contractors for any electrical, plumbing and hardware installments. All assistance that we provide is 100% confidential and secure.

With our knowledge and support we will provide you with:

  • Information on the latest technological equipment for the most efficient growing techniques.
  • Help to you train your plants to ensure highest yields.
  • Recommendations on strain selection for your geological location.
  • Detailed nutrient schedules with light cycle schedule.
  • Watering techniques.
  • Transplanting methods.
  • Medium options.
  • Integrated pest management program with Omri listed plant treatments.
  • Air circulation
  • Contracted caretakers – if necessary.

Our team is dedicated to help you with your growing needs, to make the most of your investment.
With years of cultivation experience, our team will analyze your growth to ensure optimal success. Our professionalism and respect for your privacy is our first priority.
We establish initial transparency and continue throughout your entire project, so you’re always in the know and progress is made swiftly. We can start planning your grow today and before you know it we’ll be on the way.


1-month notice during 9/1/18-1/15/18
3-month notice during busy season 1/15/18-8/31/18

Grow Troubleshoot Package:

(100 sq. ft.-800 sq. ft.) – Existing/current grows
Custom evaluation on current grow, advice and training. -$500


Level 1:
(400 sq. ft. and less) – Consultation
12 plants, (3-4 ft., topped, -5 gal) -$1500

Level 2: 
(400 sq. ft.-700 sq. ft) – Consultation
24 plants, (3-4 ft., topped, -5 gal) -$3000

Level 3:
(>800 sq. ft-1600 sq. ft) – Consultation
35 plants, (3-4 ft., topped, -5 gal) plants -$4500

*All level options come with FREE pack of 10 seeds.*