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Best Clones in Fresno

Why Choose Clones Bros?

Since 2005, Clones Bros has been known as one of Fresno top growers of marijuana clones. Our collection provides marijuana clones with superior and verified genetics- standards. Our plants are only listed for consultation after they have flowered, in order to ensure that the best characteristics are identified and the desired phenotypes are retained. To ensure that our clones are always of the highest quality, all cuts are monitored in our nursery until after they have flowered and are carefully inspected by our growers for the desired characteristics.

Cloning is a fast and easy way for growers to grow new marijuana clones. Our clones are cut from top quality parent plants, given around two weeks to grow roots of their own. Every clone is a genetic match to it’s parent plant and will produce with the same high quality. Starting with a seed may create a lot of variation in each new plant.

Why Clones?

With a clone, you know the exact genetics – like the smell, color, and potency.

Top Quality

Our growers are crazy about quality. Not only do we offer discretion and convenience, we also give the finest information on the top varieties. All of our clones are feminized and include pure genetics in indica, sativa, and hybrid.

Cannabis Seeds

If you prefer, we also give vital cues on growing plants from the seeds, which means that you can start your grow at the stage of development you’re most comfortable with.


  • Exclusively female
  • Always given 10-14 days to root
  • Every plant must pass a ‘tug test’
  • All clones are 4-6” tall in coco soil
  • Guaranteed to be mite and mildew free
  • Friendly staff prepared to answer questions and resolve any concerns you have

Why Consult Us For Information On Clones?

Our success comes from our values. We strive to acquire the most potent cannabis strains for a range of clients. From traditional growers, recreational users, and medical patients, we are your top source of information on clones. We’re constantly adding to our nursery with the latest strains, and also maintain dedicated space for the classics.

We’ve been the best source to consult for marijuana clones in Fresno for years- and there’s a reason why. As a result of our high standards and superior customer service, each client gets all the decisive information to grow healthy rooted plants.

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