Clones For Sale In Sacramento

We have the best selection of clones and teens in Sacramento and we deliver rooted, healthy plants anywhere in the area.

Best Selling Clones in Sacramento

Why Buy From Clones Bros?

Clones Bros Nursery began in 2005 and is known as a one of the best growers of marijuana clones in Sacramento. Superior and verified genetics are what set us above others, our quality is second to none. Our clones are not sold until after they have flowered, to make sure that the best genetics are identified and the desired phenotypes are preserved. To make sure that our clones are always of the highest quality, all plants are cared for in our nursery until they have flowered and are carefully inspected by our growers for proper genetics.

The cloning method allows us to reproduce high quality plants in the fastest time possible. Our marijuana clones are cut from top quality parent plants, given aproxamately 14 days to grow roots of their own, and then boxed and delivered to our customers. Every clone is a genetic match to it’s parent and will produce in a predictable manner. Unlike growing from seeds which may result in variations in each new plant.

Why Clones?

With a clone, you know the precise genetics that you’ll get- like smell, look, and TCH levels.

Top Quality

We are passionate about quality. Not only do we offer discretion and convenience, we also sell the best of the best varieties. Our marijuana clones are feminized and have desirable genetics in sativa, indica, and hybrid strains.

Cannabis Seeds

Even though we think clones or teens are the smart choice, we also have seeds if you’d like to grow your own marijuana from scratch.

How To Buy

Shop online for the strains you want and we will deliver them to you, near you, or near our Sacramento location. Whatever makes it easy for you. Forget about the hassle of Craigslist or Weedmaps. We are discrete, friendly, and we’re here for you.


  • Exclusively female
  • Always given 2 weeks to root
  • Every plant must pass a ‘tug test’ before it’s ready to sell
  • Cash on delivery is available
  • Delivery anywhere in Sacramento
  • All clones are 4-6” tall in coco soil
  • Guaranteed mite and mildew free
  • Friendly staff prepared to answer your questions and resolve any concerns you have

Why Buy From Us

Our values are the source of our success. We produce a wide variety of potent strains to serve our diverse clientele. Whatever you need, we’re your trusted resource for clones. We have the classics, but we are always on the lookout for what’s fresh and new.

It’s no surprise Clones Bros has been the top provier of clones in Sacramento for more than a ten years. Because of our dedication to quality and amazing selection, our customers are always happy.

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